Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adoption Update

We have somewhat of a new timeline for our trip to China and want to keep you updated. Our agency says that we will get our travel approval the first of December, once that comes in is when they will schedule our consulate appointment, which as long as its not so backed up with people trying to get adoptions in before the year is out, should only take a couple days. Then we would book our travel, so it looks like travel sometime in December:)) Will try to do one last push for fundraising soon so will keep you posted for how you can get the word out as we still have our travel funds to raise. We have added a new link to our blog so that you can donate directly through paypal, so this will be how we seek to do that. Thanks for praying for this and the cause of the orphan, we eagerly await to bring Shiloh home.

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