Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Adoption Fundraising, Cont.

We haven't posted much about fundraising on here, but now the time has come, as we are getting down to the end. And another cause for thanksgiving!! We have paid, raised and been given around 23,000 so far for our adoption, that is amazing!! It is a very humbling process knowing that you are embarking on something that you cannot do by yourself, trusting God and at the same time not knowing how or when he will bring it to pass. This is the Christian life, even much beyond raising money to bring an orphan into a forever family, so it is good for us. We have had a beautiful fundraiser dinner, with a silent auction that was amazing!! We have had numerous garage sales, some done totally for us, again amazing! We took part in a great program, called bothhands where we worked on a widows home for a day to raise funds for our adoption. We have taken on odd jobs to go toward this fund. We have had MANY numerous/loving/generous people give to our adoption because they know as I do that it is a blessed thing to give, and oh how we have been blessed as well. The remaining funds we need are for our travel, which is roughly 6000, of course it looks like our travel could be during the most expensive time to fly, but we too will trust this is in the Lord's hands...So if you know of anyone who wants to find a good cause to give to this Christmas, please direct them our way. You can now donate right on our blog by just clicking the donate button:) how nifty is that! Please pray with us that the timing of our trip would not cause anxiousness and that the funding needed will come in. Thanks so much, for walking this road to bring precious Shiloh home!!

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