Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We are headed to China

After two long years of paperwork, notarized documents, authenticated documents, amendments, updates, changes in policies..etc, we are leaving on Friday for China! Yes this Friday!! We got our travel approval last friday and had confirmed on monday that they wanted us in China on the 9th, so needless to say this week has been filled with lots of unexpected things. But all of which we are so thankful and praise God for. So we will leave on Friday the 9th, and return on Thursday the 20th, Lord willing! Please pray for us as we travel, as we meet our daughter on the 10th and then have different appointments almost everyday with government officials, consulate, and doctors. Pray for precious Shiloh who will be growing through so much, may we bond quickly, and learn to love each other quickly. We will try to keep you updated from China and look forward with excitement to meet our precious daughter. Thanks for all those out there who have labored this journey with us, its only just begun!!

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