Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Medical Day!

 We have yet to walk down this beautiful stair case. I am sure the Williams will before they leave!

After breakfast, the crew gets ready to go to the clinic: 
 I love this dress, my girls wore this dress. It looks especially cute with the kitty hat and beautiful face.

 Shiloh snookered Papa into taking her up and down the long escalators a few times while we waited for everyone to show up.

On the bus, clutching the backpack.

I am telling you, this town is ready for Christmas, everywhere you look, trees, decorations, snowmen and Santa. Cra-zee.

The clinic was very busy, but our group did not have to wait long, as we had to go to a different section.

Guangdong international Travel Health Center. 

Hat off, waiting her turn.

There were four things that needed to be done: general screening, ENT, height/weight, and a TB skin test.

This clinic was so nice and clean. I was truly amazed compared to our humble town's facilities. 
But still. Not so amazed by the actual doctors themselves. I think they are used to in/out, check you off, you are good to go kind of thing. But we had some questions.

Shiloh did very well, though. Seriously. She cried a little during the general screening, but was never hysterical. We ended up going back to the ENT (this guy) to ask more about an issue, we are not sure he was very pleased with us.

At the general screening this guy didn't say much at all. He listened to her lungs for awhile when we told him she had a pretty congested cough. But he offered us nothing. And then at the end he asked a few questions:
What do you think about her intelligence? and
Do you want any medicine for your child for her cough? (um, we thought you were the doc and if she needs medicine, yes). 
When I finally asked what he thought of her breathing and lungs (in Chinese, because his English could have been why he was not forthcoming with stuff), he said the Chinese non-answer: hai keyi, this means not good, not bad. Very informative.

Another Christmas tree!

And then off to the TB skin test. Julie let Travis take her for this and since I don't mind needles or blood going into or coming out of someone else, I followed right along. 


The nurse was already saying how good Shiloh was (for not crying right away).

She let her take her arm, but then when the swab came out, and the firm grip, the real tears came.
She tensed up and cried a good cry, but then it was over (okay she did keep crying for a little while). They will get this rechecked in a few days.
And that was it. This medical clearance is needed to get U.S. visas!

The other thing the Williams received today was a copy of the newspaper announcement of Shiloh's abandonment. This completely surprised me, but whenever you get matched with a child here in China, they put this announcement in the paper in case anyone may come forward to claim him/her.  Obviously no one did, and so they give this to the adoptive family for their records/keepsakes. 

Outside the clinic were these huge skyscrapers. This city is really quite pretty and clean in most parts.

We celebrated another day with Shiloh with her first ever happy meal. She did like the fries and ketchup. She was mesmerized by a water fountain outside. She let me carry her to the table without mama and papa, a first.

I realized that a couple of these 'grimace' shots are just her starting to try to smile for the camera, she does this little scrunch up her eyes and smile, but since I am never ready for it, I don't get it in time. I get this painful look. I keep telling Julie that I am so glad she is going home to a real photographer (Kristen, who is incredible)

After nap, Shiloh is slow to wake up. She stood there playing with her phone in one spot for quite a while. 
 Then Julie built the block tower and she was intrigued.

Shiloh loves to put all the blocks away, and has to take them apart first to put them in their bag, and then she zips it up. She also likes to throw things in the trash, and make sure messes are wiped up. I forget the exact quote, but Travis joked that she may just be the cleanest Williams.

That was our day. Julie and I had some good girl time out shopping while Papa and Shiloh took good naps. We came back and laid low for dinner. 

But Shiloh did show some new expressions, even maybe a tad of anger. It started when Julie and I were leaving, she hung her head, pouted a most precious pout and started the whimper cry. It was the most pitiful and cutest thing ever. It certainly broke Julie's heart. But a good sign that she loves her mama and doesn't want her to leave.
Travis said right after that she did show a little angst toward him as well.

And then when I sat down next to her later, I was trying to talk to her and she turned her head clearly away and down. And would not move it. We really did not know what she was doing. She looked back at me and then did the same thing. I said: "Julie, she is rolling her eyes at me and giving me a real good stink eye!" 
Travis said it was because I took her mama away. Well, we have no idea what is going on her brain, but I got down next to her talked to her, sat closer, gave her and her panda bear a potato chip and we were friends again. I am not above a bribe, my friends, not at all.

Tomorrow this guest blogger will go home, but we are working on a way to keep the updates coming, and hopefully video at some point! Stay tuned. 


  1. Thank you so so much for posting these GREAT updates!! Feel like I am right there along the way. CANNOT wait to meet her!!

  2. Travis and Julie, this is Travis's cousin Vicki (in Arizona). I am amazed to find that you are adopting and that you are IN COUNTRY even now. Shiloh is so precious, and I am thrilled for you, as I imagine you experiencing the moments you have dreamed of for so long. All the pictures here are wonderful!
    Ironically, and beautifully, my own daughter is on a plane headed to the DRC (Congo) to pick up her two long-awaited daughters. She will be there for several weeks as she bonds with the girls and waits for paperwork to be completed.
    What a joy to partner with God in His adoptive Heart. Hugs and prayers!