Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's official: part 2

The Williams crew took good naps and were ready to go to the next stop: Police Station.
At the police station they start the process for Shiloh's Chinese passport.

Here is Meeko, she has really been on top of things, very efficient and so helpful, she reminds each 'paper person' of the family of what documents they need (and quizzes them on it), how important a certain step is, what is next and possibly how long it may take. 

I was not allowed to take photos in the police building, but here are the families walking to it.

Back on the bus with important documents in hand !

Now back to the room for some play time. 
She actually let me (Lorraine) play with her and I slowly moved to where I put her on my lap. We had a good time playing blocks and looking at books. She didn't talk a ton, but when she did not know how to do something I manipulated her hands and taught  her one time and she did it. She really is a fast learner. We have been thankful that she likes affection, and will let us touch her and love on her. Another simple blessing.

She discovered her twin in the mirror.  

She kept turning around to see if the girl was still there right behind her.  We were truly entertained.

Skyping with friends in China, Shiloh got a big kick out of this and mimicked what they were doing with their hands, etc. She did this with Sophia and Bella later too.

 Next, we bundled up and went out for dinner, sporting her new hat.
 What a cute kitty cat.
 Going down the steps carefully. Once down she started walking faster than her papa!

We were going to try the 'authentic' mexican place, but it was closed, so we went to pizza hut. 
On the way we ran into Santa advertising some cigars. 

She really came out of her shell at dinner and played just like T Coker with her spoon and water and everything else. She looks a little frazzled but she had just guzzled some water.
It is official now: Shiloh Zhengyi Williams. 
At home four fun siblings await you dear heart! 
Tomorrow is medical day and then the Process starts for all the American documents needed to get her home!
When I left their room tonight she said very clearly: 'bye bye!' and waved! Sweet. Heart.

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  1. Great commentary, Lorraine! So glad you are there to take photos, document, and especially love on Julie! I know she is THRILLED to have you by her side at this very important event in her life. Love how Shiloh is responding to Travis & Julie! Can't wait to see her in person!