Saturday, December 15, 2012

One day closer

Today we went back to the medical clinic to have Shiloh's TB test read and she passed with flying colors! 
The office was filled with other adoptive families doing the full medical we did on Wednesday, it did make me thankful to have that part out of the way. 

Then we came back to the children's play area that our hotel has, its a little room, with some fun toys, a change of pace from our pretty boring hotel room.  After that we finally ventured over to the Irish Pub that we had heard rave reviews about and I will say it didn't disappoint!  Travis ordered these amazing nacho's, while I got a fish sandwich, all of which was good, while in the background we had music from Vanilla Ice, to 80's rock,
to early 90's stuff, needless to say it was a good lunch!  

Now back to paperwork meetings this afternoon to get everything
in order for the big day on Monday. 

A few things Shiloh loves to do:  she loves to color; the paper, the table, the chairs it doesn't matter she loves her some crayons!  she has loved Baby Einstein videos(thanks Dana H!) and when she sees something like bubbles she gets really excited you can tell she has played with them and even says a word that sounds like bubbles. she loves puffs, boy can she eat some puffs. she loves to try and do what you do, so Travis is working on her winking right now and its pretty cute.  And she loves stickers, oh she likes to put them all over her face, and clothes and take them off and put them back on. 

She currently still doesn't like to go to sleep, and fights that pretty good.  She also is pretty grumpy when she first wakes up, you know she's a Williams:)  She is getting better with baths, last night was the first time she didn't cry. 

We are thankful that we are one day closer to coming home and yet it still seems so long, please pray for our hearts that are ready to get back and start life there with her.  To get her to American doctors, who can give us a better idea of her health, and what lies ahead for us in that regard. 

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  1. Love the updates! She's adorable! Can't wait to hug her in person!