Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's official! Part 1

Shiloh loves her milk!
The night went well. She was rocked to sleep, but true to what the documents said, she slept hard like a champ! Travis and Julie had to wake her up to get to breakfast and the bus on time!

 Walking slow. For a 2 1/2 year old her walking is delayed, but she has been doing fine. They told us she can not run or jump, which is fine, her papa can't do that either as of late.

 She is definitely bonding, can you tell?
 Next stop: back to the civilian affairs office to sign all the paperwork that makes this official.

 Same alley way, same cool building to walk by.

The small elevators made for a bottleneck right at the start of the work day. Push and shove my friends. Actually none of that went on, because Meeko scooted us off to the side to wait and then we got on in due time. 

 While waiting, Shiloh saw another little girl do this:

And then she did the exact same thing: pick me up papa!

Okay, charmer!

Julie is rechecking all the passport info.

First stop: adoption interview. They asked about three questions, one of which was:
do you promise not to abuse or abandon this child.

 yeah! we passed.

My papa is a fruitcake!

Second stop: sign off after the notary interview. 
I was allowed to go in and take pics for this one. This ladies English pronunciations were strained and a little hard to understand, not to mention that she asked quite a few more questions than in the other interview, like almost two pages worth.
 One question we did not get the even the second time she asked was 'are you healthy?'
Other questions were: what is your income? how many other children do you have? why do you want to adopt from China? What is your impression of her?

 And then they both sign it.

Shiloh actually looked at me and grinned for this picture. Hilarious.

Nothing is official in China without this read seal! It is finished.

Celebrating with a Chinese meal, fried rice and sweet and sour pork. She ate 2 and half bowls of this. 
Later at nap time Julie said she pulled it all out of her cheeks where she was keeping it stored. She doesn't quite chew and swallow her food quickly. She was doing this even with water on day 1, it would fill up her cheeks and just sit there. But we have been very thankful that she has eaten well, and slept well, what simple, but truly amazing blessings.

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