Friday, December 14, 2012

Shiloh says bye to Aunt Lorraine

December 13, 2012

She may have been saying: 'I can't wait until this girl with the camera goes home', OR more to her personality: "I can eat and charm at the same time". She loves bananas, rice, and we discovered: boiled eggs. She eyed Julie's egg as she peeled it, so she had to offer it up, she ate the whole thing!

Since this was my last day with the Williams, I requested some pics with my new niece. We decided to explore the beautiful gardens and waterfalls around the hotel. 

Please take good care of your children so as to avoid any accidents. This is really good English, in our town, the same sign would have said something like: Watch your children to fall carefully.

 These smiles of hers don't happen often but they are priceless. She really enjoyed the outdoors.

I love that she and I were making eye contact, we recovered from the snub she gave me yesterday.

These fish were crazy. Tons of them and flopping on top of each other for the small morsel of bread we offered.

 I taught Shiloh how to feed the fish and then she did it well, though the bread was hard to tear.
 They actually splashed us they were flopping so much.

 I enjoyed this sweet cuddle time, and concentrated hard on not letting her fall in!

I am her favorite Aunt, she just doesn't know it yet. 

Williams family minus four others.

This guy was scrubbing the bottom of the pond area. I really want him to come do this to the pool in our complex. His blue Uniform says "Johnson" on it. I wonder if he is a way distant relative of ours (Johnson being Julie's and my maiden name)

Mind your head!

Heading back toward the hotel.

Travis having fun mocking the statue.

Shiloh can walk well, but she is careful. For a 2 1/2 year old she is not super stable, but once she gets going she does fine. We think she will probably need more physical therapy of some sort.   

Next we went to the fourth floor to explore the pool and other amenities. It was too cold to swim. 
Can you see me? 
I took this picture to show to the office workers in our complex. They need some real training on Chlorine (they hadn't heard of it), and how to clean a pool. 

 This pool was amazing and had showers that would come on when you stood underneath (which we did not do)

I personally loved the lounge chairs (beds, rather).

These laughs are sweet. Travis is tickling her.

 Overlooking part of the city. This city was very nice and clean, with a 7-11 on every corner.

On the elevator back to the room Shiloh ducked herself under the railing. 
And then I had to go pack up and get ready to go! When I did leave she said a sweet goodbye and let me hug her! I was so thankful for the time I got to spend with Travis and Julie, and their new daughter, Shiloh!

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