Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sammy turns 4!!

Well our little Hosea Samuel otherwise known as Sammy, Ho-Ho, Sam Master J, Samwise, um, I guess that's enough, he answers to anything turned 4. Sammy is so full of energy all of the time, he makes us laugh all the time and is constant entertainment for our family. We had a special treat for Uncle Herschel to come up from florida for the weekend before his birthday,this is really special too because Sammy and Uncle Herschel share the same birthday. For Sammy's actual birthday which fell on a wednesday, we were pretty low key, but of course had the standards, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and chocolate cake with our community group at night. It is helpful to have a community group who feels like our family so we can have a built in party for Sammy with our group. It also was nice the day before we were able to go to the local kids museum with Oak City Academy on a field trip and he had a blast. At lunch time all the kids sang to him, so that was fun. Then he happened to have a hurt leg, so we were able to take him to the doctor, who recommended an we told him that was his gift an x-ray for his birthday, he loved it and did a great job.
Yummy chocolate chip pancakes!!
Reading fun with Uncle Herschel, Happy Birthday Uncle Herschel too!!
Sammy on the X-ray table, oh what kids think are fun!

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