Saturday, November 24, 2012


We have so much to be thankful for all year round, but it is of course nice to have concentrated times where we emphasize thankfulness. I know it does good for all of our hearts to fight the temptation of complaining...anyway we had a good thanksgiving. My mom lives here now so she came over and was able to enjoy our meal with our friends. Here are a couple of pictures, I'm still not super good at remembering to take pictures, but trying to get better. Micah and Anna had a dinner at their school too, so some of the pictures below are of them saying what they were thankful for at their presentation.
The kids all dressed up before going to OCA dinner
Micah reading what he was thankful for, while Anna puts her feather on the board.
Anna and I were able to have some time in the kitchen cooking, and this was extra special because we made pecan pie together. This is something I remember my grandma Pinnie teaching me to make when I was younger. I also shared that some of the best recipes are right on the back of the jar, can, container whatever...that is true of karo syrup and pecan pie!!
Some of our friends that came have a 3 month old boy, they happen to be chinese and while he was sleeping Anna thought it would be cute to bring her asian looking baby doll and set her right next to Derrick the real baby, it was pretty funny!

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